Repairs & Restoration Welcome

Bring your fixtures to be expertly repaired, refinished, polished, and/or rewired, (not UL listed.)

Replace missing, damaged, broken, or ugly glass shades and crystals.

All fixtures are cleaned ultra-sonically, machined polished, and clear-coated to prevent rust and tarnishing.

Reasonable & Rational Pricing (Better than anywhere else!)
Charges include consultation time and building of fixture.
Shop Labor: $60/hr • Rough Estimates Available
CASH OR CHECK ONLY • No credit cards accepted

You Drop-Off & Pick-Up Only (Sorry, NO exceptions.)

Appointments Required.


In Process

First, this vintage ship’s lamp was cleaned ultra-sonically, removing rust and multiple layers of old paint.



Next, the lamp was scrubbed with a wire brush, machined polished, clear-coated to prevented rust and tarnishing, then rewired for a single bulb.